In Lift | Lift Installation, Repair & Maintenance Agios Dimitrios Attikis

The maintenance of the lift is mandatory by law and is a prerequisite for the smooth and safe operation of each lift. The lack of proper and regular maintenance leads to acceleration of wear and damage, and most importantly, to the sharp increase in their risk.

Our company "In Lift", based in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, places great importance on the maintenance of lifts in order to anticipate possible causes that may interrupt their operation, create problems for the transport of users or anticipate damage that would have been great repair costs.


Our experienced and qualified personnel are at your disposal for prompt and proper preventive maintenance of any type of lift.

The maintenance includes tasks such as:
  electrical and mechanical devices control and all individual parts of the lift
  parts cleaning and lubricating
  repairing failures and deregulations, ensuring the continuous and continuous operation of lifts

We are always close to you offering the best possible service and support. Our responsibility, our passion, the excellent work, the emphasis on detail and our respect for the needs of the customer were the reasons for those who trust us, prefer us and suggest us.

All maintenance lifts are provided with a technical service - troubleshooting or any malfunctions 24 hours a day.

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to discuss your needs, to look at your space and to suggest the best solution. We serve directly Agios Dimitrios and all Attica.